The Nigerian Staple Meals – Good Or Lousy?

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I love our staple foodstuff, and I am blessed adequate to take in it on a everyday basis. How healthy are they although? In Nigeria, our staple foods is composed of a variety of yam, cassava and brown rice. These can be geared up in any variety of approaches. They even so, all have a single point in frequent.

Since it would make feeling to classify meals primarily based on their optimum nutritional information, the just one issue they have in popular is that Cassava, Yam and Brown rice are all carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main culprit exactly where bodyweight acquire is involved. This is since the last crack down of carbohydrate in the human body is straightforward sugar. I want to level out that when the supply of ingested glucose (glucose is the only usable type of very simple sugar) is way too large, our blood sugar degree receives elevated.

This increased amount of blood sugar triggers the launch of insulin (the hormone liable for regulating blood sugar levels) to transport or make the excessive glucose accessible to the overall body tissues. When our strength stores are low (post workout for case in point), the muscle mass tissue is the to start with point of get in touch with of the insulin-carried glucose. Glucose nonetheless can only be taken up by the muscle tissues at a gradual rate.

If much too considerably insulin-carried glucose is present at one time, the liver is the future cease. The liver like the muscle tissue, also takes up glucose at a gradual level and when the liver stores are whole and there is however an excess source of insulin-carried glucose in the bloodstream, the up coming stop is the adipose tissue in which it is stored as unwanted fat.

Contrary to the muscle and liver, the adipose tissues consider up glucose really fast. The charge at which glucose is introduced into the blood is an critical situation as, if the ingested carbs are previously basic sugars or very low in fibre, the digestion approach will be shorter and they will be absorbed too immediately. This results in the pancreatic tissue to release an excessive sum of insulin into the blood.

Considering that the liver and muscle mass tissues only choose up glucose steadily, the extra insulin-carried-glucose will by-pass the muscle mass and liver and be deposited in the adipose tissue exactly where it is promptly saved as excess fat. This is where the top quality and quantity of carbohydrates we eat comes in.

I believe that by now you can see the hazard in having as well significantly uncomplicated sugars or foodstuff low in fibre. The flip facet to the coin is to eat advanced carbs as this will end result in an intermittent launch of glucose into the bloodstream which means that the pancreas will not release excess insulin into the bloodstream which also indicates that most of the glucose will be stored in the liver and muscle mass tissues as opposed to becoming deposited as fats in the adipose tissue.

Our staple foodstuff are likely to be advanced carbohydrates and that is good information but we certainly do not eat them in isolation. Irrespective of how nutritious they are, we cannot endure just on carbohydrates.

There are a selection of ways in which we take in our staple food items. For example, Yam can be boiled and eaten with palm oil and pepper soup or yam when cooked, will be beaten to a paste to make pounded yam and eaten with Ogbono soup (my favourite) or Egusi soup, etc. Cassava can be applied to make Garri and eaten in a comparable way. Brown rice can be eaten with stew, or built into Jollof rice, or Fried rice.

I described over that the glucose we get from sophisticated carbs is slowly introduced into our blood stream. This is since it usually takes for a longer period for our human body to absolutely digest them (up to an hour). Nicely, it will take even more time when these advanced carbs are blended with proteins and fat. In simple fact, when you take in carbs with proteins, it can take about 3 to 4 several hours for digestion to be completed.

The Nigerian staple food is clearly nutritious to eat as they are complicated carbs. Even so, what we take in them with and how significantly we eat at any presented time, also plays an crucial job in our body weight management and all round properly-remaining.

Glimpse out for my upcoming report on THE Proper WAY TO Consume TO Melt away Excess fat! Right up until then, here are a few tips to stick to:

o Consume reasonably, not like there is no tomorrow. It does not make a difference how healthier the foodstuff is, if you try to eat much too significantly, you will attain fat.
o When utilizing Palm oil, choose that with minor or no cholesterol and use it sparingly. Stay clear of palm oil or any other oil that is reliable at space temperature.
o Try to eat at frequent intervals – 3 to 4 hours and do not skip foods.
o Interact in a normal sporting plan so that you can harmony out your enter as opposed to your output (dependent on what your aim is).

Oghenetejiri Orugbo,
Licensed Private Trainer,
Accredited Exercise Nutritionist,

Founder of

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