What Do They Do?

There are several distinct peptides, each of which has a distinct function in the body. We need additional investigation into the effects and mechanisms of synthesized peptides. However, it is believed that some peptides have the following benefits:

Anti-ageing. Collagen peptides aid in the production of the proteins collagen and elastin, which are found in healthy skin. Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) are involved in the synthesis of the skin colour melanin. Another AMP is involved in skin lightening, therefore a synthetic form may aid in the treatment of hyperpigmentation or “age spots.”

Enhancing the skin’s barrier. Antimicrobial peptides can aid in the body’s fight against infections and wound healing.

Muscle expansion. Creatine and collagen peptides aid in enhancing muscle development and repair. Certain synthetic peptides believed to promote muscle development, known as growth hormone releasing peptides, may be unlawful and dangerous.

Weight reduction. Scientists are investigating if some peptides might aid with weight loss. But we need further research on this topic.

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